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Meet Rafiuddin Alvi - Coach and Trainer

I always believe knowledge grows when it is shared with others. Every skill can be learned in this world. I believe in continuous learning and creativity. The best investment in this world is to invest in yourself, so I invest my time and energy in learning new management and technical skills and share it with others as I grow in my career. My goal in life is to share my skills and knowledge with everyone who is starting a new career, changing their career path, and needs to sustain growth in their future.

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My work involves a combination of management and technical skills. I spend 50% of my time learning new management skills, and 50% of my time is spent in technical learning and implementing new projects and operational tasks. Life and career are two different things; it's all about balancing yourself through continuous learning and creativity.


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We All Have Dreams To Achieve Big In Life, But We Must Achieve Our Goals Through Personal Development And Guidance Program. I Always Focus On Balancing My Technical And Management Skills Through Continuous Learning And Creativity. I Can Help You Become A Better Project Manager And Excel In Your Career As A Project Manager. Join My 1-On-1 PMP Guidance Program; I’m Confident You Will Excel And Succeed Through My Program.


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Student Community Feedback

Rafi has been an incredible trainer! His instruction has been very thorough and complete. He is not afraid of going into minute details until the concept is thoroughly understood. His patience and understanding of human nature is uncanny, which makes him a very effective instructor.


I failed 3 times in my PMI exam. I had a 100% understanding of the material and still did not pass. Rafi was recommended to me by a friend who passed with his help. After I finished my class, I went through each of my old test questions and found I was missing key information that Rafi got me to understand, which was the main reason I could not pass before.


Rafi helped me pass on my first try! He allowed me to learn how to apply the knowledge I had gained and understand the concept behind each material. Rafi was the most patient and relatable person of all the training I went through. He will help you understand each concept logically and believe in yourself that you can pass with flying colors!

Ali Ahmad

I studied for the PMP exam, but I failed my first attempt. I wasn't confident in myself, so I went through many training courses that didn't help me. I met Rafi PMP Trainer, and he gave me an easy-to-understand course that helped me learn and prepare effectively.